Why do dumpers want to stay in touch after dumping?

I see so many here complaining how their gf/bf dumped them but then called them, then giving them mixed signals, then ignoring them, then calling them again, then wanting to stay friends, then again ignoring them... but don't want to get back together. And I am one of those dumpees who's ex keeps calling for small talks but doesn't want back.

For the love of god why? I will never understand this mistery. Are you one of those dumpers? The way I see things, is that if I breakup with someone I am gone. I disappear. I don't want anything else to do with that person. If there was still just a tiny feeling for them, I wouldn't breakup I would stick to that feeling and try to fix the problems. But I mean, if the dumper is SURE 100% that he/she doesn't want to be with that person anymore and NEVER WILL AGAIN, why doesn't he/she gather those same balls he/she had when breaking up and walk away? Are they really THAT selfish and evil to first break someone's heart and then give them false hope and not let them move on?
Why do dumpers want to stay in touch after dumping?
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