Why does it seem like women love bragging about being single, but you never hear men brag about it in a cheerful way?

On Facebook, I be read women's post about how they're gonna stay single, and enjoy being that way. When am I gonna hear men say they're glad they're single, due to them guys not having to put up with drama?

Do men care about women "in a companionship kind of way" more than women care about men?

I would love to hear about a guy saying he's enjoying the single life without any hook ups, that way it won't seem like men don't how to live in this world if women weren't around.


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  • we like enjoying life.

    • So you can't that with a man?

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  • I know how to live without a woman in my life. Having a girlfriend is not something I need, but it is something I want. I think women actually feel a need for a man more than men feel the need for a woman. They brag about it for the same reason that a kid whistles when he is afraid of the dark; trying to convince themselves that they really do feel the way they are talking about.


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  • Why would someone's relationship status even make a difference to other people?


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