Why did my ex boyfriend deactivated his Facebook account?

I did said so many bad things to him including that "there's someone comforting me and I will really find a better guy than you" that made him cried so bad also.. I mentioned my mistakes during our relationship that he didn't realized up until I mentioned it.. And he's furious.. After that incident, I stil post a lot of selfies in my account. I cannot understand if he doesn't want me to contact him, he could just have blocked me instead of deactivating his account and I still know his number or he doesn't want me to contact him or have interaction with him but we already talked and settled everything, though I still said to him that I still loved him and when I asked him if he still loves me, he said that it is not an answerable question and I also asked him if he misses me and he said it doesn't matter. I am moving to a different country after all and that's really the main reason of pit break up.


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  • Why is he your ex if you love him so much? I'm not trying to be mean but him deactivating his facebook account is his business whether you two made up or not. People who loved each other at some point can't move on if they're faced with their past everyday, especially if it's hurting them inside.

    • So ypu think he's still in love with me but he just wants to move on?

    • Yeah

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