How to confess to this guy I like but doesn't like me back?

how do you like to be confessed to? I don't know how to do it.. I don't think he likes me, but I want to get it off my text, phone call, in person or msn? I think doing it in person would be too hard

if she tells you she likes you in person,

and if you don't like her, what would you say?

if you like her, what do you say?


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  • Your probably looking for the guys response, but I had a similar situation last summer. I ended up just telling him in an email. Basically, I just told him I had a crush on him. He was actually really flattered and we did have a relationship for about 4 months but we are not seeing each other anymore (long story). But, I've heard guys LIKE it when a girl is up front. Even if he doesn't like you back, it seems like they are flattered...its an ego boost. You never know. Yeah, I couldn't do it in person though.

    • Aw thanks, that helped..i was almost going to do it on email as well.. I feel too frustrated keeping it all to myself right now. I'm going to go crazy thinking about it. but did that guy like you at all during the time you sent him the email? I don't think the guy I like likes me..sry if this is personaly, but how long was your email? or what did you say exactly? and how close were you two before you confessed? sorry for all these questions, I think I'm gonna tell him tonight.

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    • Lol I'm sorry for making the other answer the best answer, yours is great and I really appreciated you giving me so much advice! but since there was a phone call involved and he spoke of a phone call, I will ask him what to do next, and I think he would stop replying if he was not the best answer :(

    • No big deal. I was just giving you what worked for me but like I said, I think age makes a difference. I am older & older guys are less freaked out by this kind of stuff. A younger guy might not know what to make of it. Good Luck!

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  • I would totally do it in person. no q's asked. if you think he doesn't like you, then in person is how you should do it. it's harder to turn someone down in person. and he's more likely to give it a try or something along that nature. but DO IT IN PERSON. as a last resort, then do it in a phone call.

    • How about an email? I'm really down for that.. how would he feel about an email? or fb message? or text? doing it in person is so hard. would a guy like to be confessed to by email though?

    • I wouldn't. I would think it was too impersonal. if you have to, call him. if he doesn't answer, maybe leave a message. but definitely do it either in person or on the phone.

    • My guy friend called him for me, and said: hey my friend likes you and wants to know if she should call you and tell you? and he replied "oh this is weird..sorta awkward, but I think I might know who it is." did he really mean that he knew or just didn't know what to say. and I think it's sort of obvious I'm the girl friend of my guy friend since he doesn't have many..

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  • Person or over the phone, not in voicemail though. No texts or letters either because he could show it to his friends and laugh about it

    Why even give him the ego boost if he doesn't like you?

  • I'm having the same problem.
    I know the guy I'm crushing on doesn't like me but I really want to get it off my chest. I'm a really impatient person and this guy is a work colleague but we work in shifts and his shift with me isn't for a week or two. I'm leaving my work place in three weeks and I think I should say something sooner rather than later. Should I confess to this guy so I can move on or should I just get it out there? Also, I have the guy's number and thought I should text him as we're good friends already...


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