Why do my ex boyfriends always want me back?


I am 21 years old and in college finishing out my senior year. Throughout my college history, I have dated 6 different guys. Out of those 6, 4 of them I know have been immature and honestly been more of a hookup, however at the beginning we would try to date. The other 2 were serious relationships. However all 6 of them have tried to get me back, and told me that they missed me and wanted to talk again. They would say things like "ugh why did I let you go?" I didn't know what I had when I had you. They give me the weirded looks like gazing into my eyes.. its so strange to me.

To give you some background info about me. I am a very nice girl. I have a lot of friends, athletic, smart, adventurous (up to try new things) but my main strength is I am a very good listener, I listen to peoples problems and help them figure it out. I feel I am a really cool girl and I get along really well with the guy's friends. (their guy friends and I become so close, after I break up with the guy, they tell me how much they even miss me and hope we can stay friends) When I start to date guys, I get very nice (NO I DO NOT BECOME WHIPPED) lol. I try to take things slowly with them. I do however try to open up to them about how I feel on things (not love dovey things or getting married, just my outlook on life, my interests, what I want to do when I am older)

But as our relationship continues, they guys start treating me more rude as it goes on. (I know my problem is sometimes you do have to stand up for yourself and it is OK to argue, it's OK to disagree, but I think that is my problem that I do not do enough of that) I just worry if I did something wrong and if they are happy with me. Pretty much I try 150% of the guys try 50% (of effort)

But why is it when we break up, I am doing better than the guy is after a few weeks? Why is it that the guys want me back? Why can't they realize what they have when they have it? And why is it that guys would freaking leave "one of the best things that ever happened to them," to drink more with the boys and have no responsibilities. I feel after they graduate they are going to be lonely.

Let me know what you think. (sorry it's so long lol)
Why do my ex boyfriends always want me back?
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