Why do my exes ALWAYS come back?

When I'm in a relationship I'm a pretty loyal, devoted girlfriend. I'll go out of my way to make them smile, do nice things, try out their interests, Just do my best to be a cool/awesome girlfriend. But I know what I have to offer as a person and consider myself a strong, confident woman. So when a guy I'm dating decides he doesn't want to be with me anymore or doesn't feel me worth it enough to put effort in as well , I feel that's fine and their right to feel that way, but I pack up, move on and don't look back. I have no interest in being with someone who doesn't value or want to be with me. When I have a breakup, I don't like to end in a nasty way but I do like to end in a final way.

I dont want to be friends, or chat/see each other, I always cut off contact and just move on with my life. I see no reason to be friends, it only makes moving on harder and it makes it way easier and smoother for me. I can move on happily and never give it another thought. It's so much simpler.

But with EVERY SINGLE GUY I've dated who's broken up with me or forced me to break up with them, they ALWAYS come back. Sometimes 3-4 times trying to get me to give them another chance or allow them to see me. I just don't get it. I've taken back a couple guys (though mostly not) in the past and when it didn't work out again after awhile I did the same breakup routine and sure enough, a few months later they're back.

I have no idea why. Why can't they just pack up and move on, especially since most of them were the cause/initiator of the breakup? It's literally been 100% of the guys I've dated and it's really confusing.
Why do my exes ALWAYS come back?
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