Why do men always come back all of them?

Hey guys 😊
Was having a discussion with my girls earlier and we got onto this topic!!
Over my whole dating life everyone of my exes have tried to get back in touch with me someway.
Whether it was one date or dating for a few months... They have all tried.
A few examples...
Was dating a guy a few years back for about 5-6 months, we split because he didn't want a full blown realationship. I remember going a little crazy begging him to change his mind for weeks then he blocked me and I had no choice but to move on. 3 months later he contacted me calling me a pet name, and now we are best mates and tell each other everything.
Went on x2 dates with another guy months after, he blew me off now he's been asking me on fb for a date.
A guy I dated a year or so ago pulled the vanishing act, I remember ringing him demanding an explanation and a few months ago he messged me asking for a drink and apolgy.
My most recent ex and I finished 7 weeks ago, I let him go, he blocked me on everything then about 3 weeks later wanted to meet up, we did now he's blocked me again after a horrible row... But i know he will be back too.
When I'm in a realationship im 100% committed and dont cheat and treat my man like a king.
Why do men do this the minute you move on? Because once I've cried and stopped the chasing, making myself look like a desperate fool I move on and have never taken them back.
guys and girls opinions? X

Is it because the woman moves on and gives up?


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  • They want another shot at that ass.


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  • Depends on how you leave things off. People don't get back together because of what happens after a breakup, not because of the breakup itself. So, likely because you acted in a manner that was attractive after the breakup is why they came back around. I'm the same way. Aside from 1 ex, every single relationship I had lead to the girl coming back around. Even if it was years later.

    • Ohh I've don ether begging thing acting like an ass lol.
      Me and my recent ex had a pretty bad breakup with a lot of nasty things said by the both of us. We met up two weeks ago, rowed via Whatapp and now he's blocked me... Again.
      I haven't tried to call him etc and I won't either, hopefully this will make him realise what he's lost and how badly he treated me, but I will never take him back.
      i really believe that once a glass is broken, you can try and glue it back together but it won't be the same.
      And I don't fully believe it's all about "ego" or getting some ass as those things can be got anywhere.

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    • I know what you mean about being hurt. 2 weeks ago he was texting me making excuses to see/talk to me.
      Then last week we had a fight and he blocked me. We never spoke about why we broke up. He tried to call me last week but it was late and my friend was sleeping and he got mad that I wouldn't pick up, said he's with someone else which I don't believe. Then bkocks me.
      I want him back now but I know the longer its NC i won't as my pride won't let me.
      What would you guys suggest I do or say if he comes back? Thanks x

    • I'd say block him and be done with it. If someone breaks up with you for no reason they are not worth your time.

  • Sounds to me like you are dating guys that are a little to controlling. They think they can come back at any point and you will run back to them.

    Hopefully, you will meet a guy that puts as much effort into a relationship as you do someday!

    • The guys I have been with have not been controlling except this one.
      Without meaning to offend, he's arab/muslim and I believe this has played a huge part in it.
      Although I want him back now... I know when he does come back I won't as when im 100% over somone that's it

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    • I never said I was sleeping with the guys I was dating. only the recent ex... So I'm unsure

    • Sorry did not want to imply the latter it was just a generalization. I guess the only way to find out would be to ask him what your ex wants when he comes sniffing around... but know you have the upper hand and that you can just say... not interested!

  • I tried getting back with only one of my exes after that never again she used me

    • That's exactly how im feeling lol.
      Met him 2 weeks ago for a chat and since that he's gone silent Bob and blocked me... One of his fav tactics when he Fs up and muggings here (aka me) runs like a dog chasing a rabbit... Not this time though lol.
      So we shall see.
      I don't fully believe that all exes come back to jump in the sac again. I think on reflection they realise they lost someone loyal and who was good to them who put their happiness as paramount. And they look back at how much the other one cared for them and realise they ffd up a good thing, as sex can be gotten anywhere.
      Thats what I like to think anyway.. Then again I am female 😂😂

  • Ehh... I think it's because most guys have a bigger heart than most women Lol... Like yeah, we'll get upset and block her because it hurts too much... But she still bounces around in his heart and mind for a long time after.
    I have exes I still think about even though I'm in a completely satisfying relationship.
    However, just like you, I won't play the desperate fool, I got game and will move on... I'm not going to bleed her out for nothing, if I bleed for you and you let me, when I'm done your done.

  • after time, you tend to forget the bad and retain the good. I will not contact my ex after they break up with me whatsoever, if I break up, I tend to give them a second chance... is that weird?

  • They want to have sex with you. Hell, I didn't even date you and I feel like I want you back.

  • not all of them, Have you "TRIED" all of them? next question!

  • Cause you're hot?

  • I never come back, once I am gone I am gone forever.

  • I'd guess because they've already been there and think they can get back.

  • I never tried to get back with any of my ex's. Some of them tried to get back with me.


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