Can you trust a man with a girl bestie?

I'll tell you why I can't. Every relationship I've been in the man has always made me feel 2nd place. I didn't beg or chase to be in these relationship but when I got in them all of of sudden gbsf gets real close in the picture ok. All men that have a gbsf have had a crush on them but they were rejected. I know this because I asked they guy in one situation in the example given and a girl in a different situation because I wanted to see if she liked him before I allowed myself to. --Crushes never end for men in my opinion because if given the opportunity they'd come back. thats why men go back to they ex's because it's what they know, they've invested and person never gives up on a investment ok.-- I've also been a gbf were I rejected him b/c he was not for me at all and everything felt weird when his girlfriend was around because of him.

I believe that men will use the 2nd place option to make the gbf jealous and to make them see what they missed out on because I was treated fairly good when we we're alone together or through text. But they mix in a little disrespect to me and more respect to the gbf when she's around. Just one example a guy I was dating would leave the only class we had together early just to be with his gbf at the only lunch break we had together and come back late to that class. I later found out that the gbf had changed her mind about not liking him and he was having mixed feelings.

I want to here from guys if this is true why/why not and from the ladies if this is relatable have u been the gbsf or felt like 2nd place
Can you trust a man with a girl bestie?
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