Will he unblock me?

Hi there,
My ex blocked me after 8 months of off and on relationship. I believe he is commitment phobic. He came
On very strong in the beginning and then backed away and I ended things. He then came back and asked for another chance and then did the same thing and I ended things again. We then continued to see each other and have an intimite relationship but he would not commit so I said I could not continue a friendship. He then bought me a concert ticket he knew I would
Like and asked me to go as a friend and I went. He asked for me back
That night and said he wanted to take things slow and that he loved me. 2 days later he ended things with me and said he made a mistake and it was just his hormones. I got very upset and told him I would not be his friend again. We exchanged stuff and when I saw him it made me miss him and I texted him telling him that. We made
Small talk and eventually I got emotional and he said he didn't know what I wanted from him and said we should part ways and that it was nice knowing me. He then blocked me. I'm so hurt and confused. It's been such an emotional roller coaster. Will he ever unblock me?
Will he unblock me?
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