Will he unblock me?

Hi there,
My ex blocked me after 8 months of off and on relationship. I believe he is commitment phobic. He came
On very strong in the beginning and then backed away and I ended things. He then came back and asked for another chance and then did the same thing and I ended things again. We then continued to see each other and have an intimite relationship but he would not commit so I said I could not continue a friendship. He then bought me a concert ticket he knew I would
Like and asked me to go as a friend and I went. He asked for me back
That night and said he wanted to take things slow and that he loved me. 2 days later he ended things with me and said he made a mistake and it was just his hormones. I got very upset and told him I would not be his friend again. We exchanged stuff and when I saw him it made me miss him and I texted him telling him that. We made
Small talk and eventually I got emotional and he said he didn't know what I wanted from him and said we should part ways and that it was nice knowing me. He then blocked me. I'm so hurt and confused. It's been such an emotional roller coaster. Will he ever unblock me?


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  • Leave it and move on for your own sanity. In response to your question, who cares? I can tell you you're too good for him without even knowing you, because he treats you like crap.

    • I know you're right, he's just been such a mind fuck. I have never felt more pathetic in my life and yet I still find myself wanting to see him. I've never dealt with someone like this before and he has done a number on me. I really fell in love with his kids and I think that's why it's so difficult
      For me.

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  • Just forget him


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  • wow i'm in a very similar situation she is the "commitment phobe" though she dumped me twice and we mutually split once in a 5 month ordeal. First time she wanted to spend new years eve with me but told me last minute and I was tired and had been drinking with my parents and she dumps me via text and says she's going to the "casino" but the next day she asks me back and I let her come back and she admitted she went to a house party and got messed up. Second time was mutual and was a 9 day break/break up and we got back together had a lot of sex, went on walks and seemingly straightened everything out I was happy with her. She lived anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours away this whole relationship other than when she visited her mom 40 minutes from my house, I spent say 4 or 5 night at her place in a 30 day period of time and she wouldn't spend the night at my place. I asked like 3 times and she never would after we got back after the mutual split, she would come over unannounced then get mad I wasn't home or awake to let her in, she tells me she is coming tomorrow with a bag packed but I had my phone turned off cause I was mad with her and the next day like lunch time I boot up my phone and see oh sweet! i'm all happy she is coming I text her where are you? are you still coming? She replies with nope I slept in. The next day she texts me saying she's at the grocery store volunteering and I didn't believe it cause I never heard of that before and when I went over I walked by and seen her and her mom and was scoping the place out when I walked right past her she didn't even look at me till I poked her and she was nothing but cold and brought up breaking up in the first 5 minutes of talking, no hug, no kiss or anything and I was like "fine then" walked away and texted her saying she was a Btch and a child for doing that in public and basically toying with me. We talked off and on for like 3 days after the break up and then she blocked me on facebook, its been almost a week I think we really are done this time. WIll she ever unblock me? I've been parting and hanging out with other girls, have my uncle coming to visit from across the country and a possible job lined up. Part of me wants her back part of me thinks she is a dramatic user.

  • Get over it and move on. You will not be together nor will you be friends

    • I don't find your responsive helpful or constructive, but thanks.

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    • That may be, but it never hurts to be kind. You never really know where someone is coming from or
      How much they may need your kindness.

    • I don't know of any way of sugar coating it. My advice is grow thicker skin

  • no it's over babe

    • But he's blocked and unblocked me before...

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