My ex wants me back after his rebound relationship failed?

My ex and I dated for almost 3 years. I broke up with him 7 months ago due to various reasons. We tried getting back together after the initial break up but then he changed his mind. A month later he started dating a new girl. It was heartbreaking finding out that he was in another relationship. I was still so devastated over him I couldn't even imagine dating anyone else. I slept with one guy after the second breakup but that made me even more depressed. Well my ex and that girl dated for three months until she broke up with him. Right after they broke up he started talking to me again and we've been hanging out and sleeping together since. I still love him and want him back but now I can't stop thinking about how he was with someone else:/ I tried brining it up to him but he just got mad and defensive. I guess they loved eachother too..


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  • What do you want? You want him back again?


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