Regret ignoring a guy?

Hi guys & girls! So i met this guy twice already. Prior to that, we had been chatting on phone calls and text messages. However, when we met on the first date, he already held my hand, and hugged me. I was afraid that it was too fast. And he also told me that I was easy. So i was really afraid that he's a player. But he told me he would take it slow.

Subsequently, we met for a second date, he had a meeting suddenly and so i waited a few hours for him. We went for a late dinner and movies but we did not converse much. He kept being on his phone, but he told me it was work related. So i accepted it. In the movies, he held my hand throughout. Subsequently we hugged and he wanted to kiss me but it didn't happen.

I was very upset by the fact that he did not bother to have a conversation with me but was instead very touchy. So i had second thoughts, and i started to talk to him kind-of differently. He noticed, and started questioning me harshly. I did eventually answer him, but he kept questioning me more and more until it became unbearable. So i started to ignore his text messages, and he started to apologise a lot, and said he feels sad about what im doing to him. I still did not respond.

Now, he has blocked me on whatsapp but I started to feel kind of bad, and I think i regret ignoring him. I feel really upset, and sometimes i wonder what would have happened if i was more understanding and responded.

However, i still could not figure out if he's a player or not. And i really wonder if i should do anything or to let this go? It's really hard for me!!!


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  • he's Pretending. but it doesn't hide the end game... he's not.. a player. the signs are in the description...
    he actually said "you are easy".. no player ever voices that.
    "... told me he would take it slow"
    "... questioning me harshly"
    there are more but this is a guy that has one foot in the door and the other outside... he's not fully invested.. you are just an option. an Available option


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  • Perhaps, aside from 'Whatsapp,' you could contact him and have another convo with him and try and explain yourself, face to face.
    If it doesn't look like there is another way to contact him, let it go and learn by this little lesson in life and in love Not to jump the gun, to go slow with the next joe, because This experience, I feel, Shot you both in the footsies.
    It was a case of "He said, she said," and You Thought, and Anything you feel is not to your own Liking, even on this 'Second date,' let him know so you both can talk it out like two adults so there are No misunderstandings for a Possible... Third date and a potential mate.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You may see it differently than I do, but if it were me and somebody blocked me, I'm done with them and that's that. So again just me but I see no point and personally I would let it go.


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  • Wait... so... holding hands to you is touchy? I don't qualify that as touchy or moving too fast. Hand-holding and hugging is very... well, rated E for everyone. I think you severely over-thought that.

    However he is a bit of a douche for ignoring you and questioning you harshly, but I wouldn't consider him a player just because he was busy with work and because he wanted to hold hands with you. I think your hesitance shows that you weren't that into him anyway and that it's better for you two to have broken it off.

    • I just thought it's fast because it's only the first time i ever met him. He was trying to kiss me on the first date, and on the second date, his hands were all over my thighs during the entire movie. Is this normal?

    • Trying to hold hands and kiss isn't that abnormal for most people, but rubbing your thighs - yeah, that's a little too fast.

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