Girlfriend is always forcing and pushing me for every damm thing. She ditched me twice and now forcing me to marry her. How to deal with her?

My girlfriend is always pushing and forcing me for every damm thing. Our relationship is literary struggling since 4 years... Initially when we both were ready to marry each other, she dumped me as her parents dint wanted US to marry and so she backed out with a very lame reason.(Reason - i was 25 and was not settled in my career. According to her parents settled means a flat in City and a car that too at an age of 25). 2nd time i had to beg her and to convince her to marry me, she again dumped me with no reason. Now, after this 2 incidents being dumped twice, i got over her and decided to live mylife without her. Irealized that when i was in relationship i was suffocating becuz of her but now i feel much relaxed and happy. Now after 2 years of realtionship, i met another girl who is very good and we suit each other a lot... no matter she is elder to me but out comatibility match. n i am very happy with her.. but the issue is that 1st girl again came into my life and now she wants to marry me and is now forcing me for every dam thing. to marry her, to talk to her parents to convince them... what shud i do... my opinion is i dont want to marry her and as she has already dumped me twice and i dont like her anymore... please suggest...


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  • Bro. Don't marry her? That's a simple solution to a simple problem. If you don't like the first girl WHY MARRY HER? You could possibly end up in a divorce , and in the process lose the second girl. Be happy and don't do anything that makes you unhappy.

  • Get your inner strength back up. Why would your current girlfriend stay when she thinks that you can be manipulated by your ex? Be firm with her that you don't ever want to marry her, that you have no feelings anymore and that you think you're both too different to ever work it out. If you have to, get a restraining order. I'd also watch out for your current girlfriend. When your ex finally realises that you're with this new girl, she might try to break you both up through her.

  • How can someone FORCE you to marry them other than a gun to your head which she clearly does not have or you wouldn't be posting

    • she is forcing me emotionally by threatening me... :(.. i feel that i am manupulated emotionallly..

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