What caused your most recent breakup?

What caused your most recent breakup?What caused your most recent breakup?What caused your most recent breakup?What caused your most recent breakup?What caused your most recent breakup?What caused your most recent breakup?What caused your most recent breakup?

  • Someone couldnt stay committed.
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  • They were abusive.
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  • They were too insecure.
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  • We eventually grew bored of eachother.
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  • We had different views/values/beliefs.
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  • Our sex drives werent on the same level.
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  • I have never dated/broke up someone.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • my emotionally abusive and cheating wife of 2.5 years left with my 1 year old son to her parent's house a month ago after an 8 horrible months where she said she didn't love me anymore and can't stand being with me and deprived me from all kind of intimacy and i kept trying to fix our marriage for the sake of our family and for the sake of our son and now she wants me to take her back.
    NO i'm not taking her back and i am filing for divorce.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My most recent break up was in 2009...

    We broke up because he, for some reason, decided he owned me and could dictate who I spoke with and also he decided that cheating on me with my best friend would be a good idea and when I went to confront him, he grabbed me by the throat and attempted to choke me out so I delivered a palm heel strike to his face and may have accidentally fractured his nose.

    So... you tell me. What caused our break up? lol

    • Omg thats crazy! My ex also cheated with my bestfriend. And he held a gun to my stomach at the Homecoming game when he thought single me was flirting with someone else

    • People are crazy.

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What Guys Said 10

  • She couldn't stay committed, she was abusive, she was too insecure, she grew bored of me (but I realize now she was the one who was boring as fuck, not me), she was racist, she couldn't overlook my religious past even though I told her that I am irreligious now, and she made me feel guilty for having any sexual desires. She tried to blame me for everything and she never appreciated me. I don't get why she said she wanted to keep things casual at first, then she mentioned marriage and babies, then she disappeared. I mean she even said she loved me, then she said she has no feelings for me a couple of days later. Then, she told me to die. wtf? Seriously? What a fucking troll. She was a GaG user. Her name is Breatheme19. She pretended to be nice to everyone on GaG, but she threw all her negative emotions and thoughts at me. I worshiped her. I tolerated her rude, inconsiderate thoughts and behavior. The worst thing she did was leaving me without telling me why. But I'm fairly certain it was because she went after a married coworker. I'm done with online relationships. I thought League of Legends had the worst trolls. But apparently, girls on the internet are the ultimate trolls. Damn.

    • Wow so sorry you had to go through that!

  • It was a combination of having different views/values/beliefs and her being physically abusive, extremely manipulative, and a pathological liar. After I broke up with her, I started to find out that some people I knew also knew her and they told me stories which only confirmed my decision to break it off and to never have contact with her again. They were not at all surprised by her behavior towards me.

    • Good thing you got rid of her

  • the woman thought she had the right to be verbally abusive. ragging, negativity, personal attacks, lack of emotional control, being a constant bother princess etc.

    • Yea no one should be bullied

  • She caught feelings for someone else. As we were not exclusive there was no cheating, so she went with him and I went my own way.

    • Man that sucks

    • Not really, things worked out for the better. I ended up with my current.

  • I dunno, it was weird. She said our relationship was moving too fast (4 months). Even though she wanted me to get her pregnant. I told her we weren't ready, plus she already has a 18 month old. Then like 2 days later she said she wanted to date again. About two weeks ago she ended things for good when I told her I went to Hooters to use my gift card with my cousin after going to a bar to eat. She blocked me on everything. She was furious even though we weren't a couple anymore. Haven't talked to her since. Oh well I guess.

  • Jealousy

    • Sometimes i find jealousy cute

  • She was always trying to make me jealous, and she was very prudish: she used to try to set me traps with questions as "do you think having sex is nice?", and then if I said "yes", she would tell me "it's too soon for us to have sex", when I wasn't even saying that. So yeah, it was a sickening relationship; I don't know how I could ever get into that.

    • Man thats crazy

    • Yes, she was a bit crazy. I must be a little crazy too, I just hope not in a great degree.

  • She said I wasn't open enough, or open-minded enough. Which was true, though I've changed now. I think it was also because I didn't want sex though she didn't say that was a problem

    • Yea thats why I got cheated on because I didn't want sex

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    • I know, right? Where is the constraint nowadays?

      It's funny cause there was a virgin guy who kept asking if he was missing out.. I told him no, and he didn't believe me... smh.

    • Exactly! @scorpiomoonchick

  • I don't know really. I actually don't even wanna know. I think in my first relationship we grew bored of each other and I wasn't really in the best mental state. So I took some of it out on her, not like being angry or anything. I was just a bit mopy. So she ended up cheating on me and we broke up on Christmas eve. I took it worse than I thought I would. It wasn't even that I missed her. I just felt worthless as a person and didn't have that much friends/connections besides her so I lost the little confidence I had left.

    Now i've dated a girl for about 2-3 months which she ended because I didn't commit and I have to move for a job. So she didn't want a distance relationship. I still feel like shit. It seemed so easy for her, like I didn't mean anything. And how can I not take it like something is wrong with me?

    • Poor guy. Nothings wrong with you. Its just the situations you end up in

  • I let my trust and abandonment issues get the best of me. Things started to get a little rough and, out of desperation, I ended up making terrible mistakes in an attempt to save what I thought was a dying relationship. But I ended up being the one that killed it.

    • Poor guy :(

    • No, it's alright. She was right to break up with me. I was acting pitiful, and it was a serious wake up call for me.

    • Well at least you've made progress now

What Girls Said 8

  • He became distant which made me become needy and kept asking why and if he still wanted me, until finally he said he needed to think about it then broke up with me through a text saying "I don't love you and I don't want to be with you." But I feel like my abandonment issues caused me to ruin my relationship 😞

  • My last one was too spontaneous. We knew each other 3-4 hours prior to getting together. Though he never really asked me to be his girlfriend, he just started saying I was. We ended it the next day.

    • Wow that was all too fast

    • I've been in a similar situation!

    • My ex also just basically TOLD me we were "together"

  • I picked the first option, but really he cheated on me.

  • He was way too insecure. He wanted to be just like zyzz (the body builder). He was very mean to me. Basically, he broke up with me over stupidity and his parents hated me because I was a different race/ religion.

    • Man thats the part that makes me nervous about interracial dating

    • You shouldn't let it stop you. I'm dating a guy that is mixed and it's honestly so beautiful. You can't help who you fall for. But if he I'd worth it and he feels the same way then you'll fight for your future together. I love love. Lol. That ex taught me so much about myself.

    • So sweet :)

  • He couldn't handle my anxiety disorder. I wish I could walk away from my anxiety that easily.

  • long story short, we had one too many fights over the same things.

    the problem was, we had so much problems in our relationship that because HE didn't see it as a problem, it therefore wasn't a problem, period. and whenever i tried to bring it up (things like he would say absolutely horrible things to me when we fought, him talking constantly about girls he hooked up with on vacation, him never paying attention to anything i say) he would say "oh f*ck this, not this sh! t again, all you do is cause problems and i just want good vibes in my life, i don't wanna deal with energy"
    it was a year of me pushing things under the rug and becoming miserable inside. he broke up with me, which was, in hindsight, the wakeup call I needed.

    so overall, i'd say a happy ending.

    • I've definitely been in a similar relationship

  • Eh.. Well.. I chose different views. We broke up because we disagreed each other about keeping our baby. That and he kept saying "I don't deserve you..." Which I thought was weak of him, especially since I was willing to grow with him. I mean, why wouldn't you just better yourself?

    • So did you keep it?

    • Yeah, I kept him. It was such a mess, though. I think if I didn't let my emotions and other people (like my family's opinions) get to me, I would of had a different outcome. It makes me question if I should ever have kids again, to be honest.

    • Well im just glad you kept the little guy

  • We had diff views. Werent on the same page.


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