My ex girlfriend is driving me crazy!

k ... she broke up with me back in April of last year. then went in seeing someone else for 3 months . then she came crawling back . I did gave her a chance to talk to me , she did said she wanted to be with me. And even consider to change her # to try to take it slow and moved on with our life . But I was never felt the same being the fact that she was seeing someone else after our break up . I was always tell her that I do not know if it going to work . we have been talking for 3 months since then . then recently she started acting strange . then told me she moved on and that she doesn't want to talk to me anymore . so I find out that she went back with the same guy again . so I left her alone , and told her don't ever contacted me anymore . after a week she started calling me like crazy I haven been taking her calls at all .i do like her but don't know what to do. we also have to kids together. please help me out here she been texting and telling me how she been thinking hard about me and her . and she don't think its too late for me and her . she want to meet out and talk . what should I do ? I am so confuse and don't know what to do


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  • I say leave it alone and move on...I know its easier said than done, But honestly I have heard this story many times before and the fact is...that your probably her plan B. She may actually love you and care about you, and she may only be going with the other guys because she's lusting over him, but she's probably only coming back to you because things are not working out with the other guy and she knows you love her to much to say no when she comes back. Honestly she will never change unless you show her she can't just walk all over you and leave and come back when she wants, your a human being and you deserve to be treated better than that. Good Luck with everything.


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  • tell her that it's over.. she had her second chance and no normal girl or woman should do the same fault two times..

    she won't ever change and you're much too good for her!

  • take the kids and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun!


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