He was caressing my back. From this gesture, do you think he might like me?

He was caressing my back when I wasn't feeling so well.

We don't really know each other that well. Just have a lot mutual friends. So the other night we got to spend more one on one at a party. I just thought it was a sweet move and kinda made me look at him differently, in a good way.


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  • Just that alone might not be enough to say he likes you he might be a caring or sensative person, look for other things, does he pay attention to you, eye contact, get your friends to spot for you when you aren't looking at him does he sneek peeks at you, does he mirror your body language, face you full on, expose his chest to you, try and make himself look bigger, is their more touch, hands, arm etc. slight tilt of the head to one side when he talks to you, smile, trys to make you laugh, does he ask friends about you, licking his lips when he talks to you, moves into your personal space


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  • No, that does not mean he likes your romantically. You were sick at a party.


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  • I think he cares. He wouldn't have otherwise...I mean, you're not even friends...practically strangers.

    • Humans have an amazing propensity for taking care for eachother, esp. at like venues.

    • He's not obligated in any way to take care of her, it wasn't his responsibility. I just don't think that he would go out of his way to make her feel better

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