My boyfriend broke up w me because he thinks im cheating and im not?

He for the past few months I don't know how has been taking pictures of messages between me and friends and hacked my Facebook

My best friend chris who i have known for 8 years gave me 50 bucks as a gift as in i didn't ask for or know about it and my boyfriend said he can never forgive me

I called my friend and messaged him asking to describe our friendship and he literally is like your my best friend i dont get it you just got a new job and probably need groceries

Then my boyfriend accused me because this other male friend who really is my friend rachels friend hmu because i left her earlier because i was in pain and aleve and naproxen wasn't working.

He said u should try taking a bath that epsom salt stuff works and i said i am soaking now my heating pad wasn't working either

And my boyfriend said that it was inappropriate
And people like me can get away with this with other people but not him

I was just confirming i was trying the bath because i was still in pain i have fibromyalgia!

We have been together 4 years i never have cheated on him everyone knows im with him i dont know how if you are being accused of something you didn't do

I told him i always invite him to hang out w me and my friends so if there are guys there u can see for yourself how things are its not like that i go to work and go straight home

He says i accept money from other men but i dont it was my friend who he knows and it was once and a gift and i told him if it bothers him i can give it back

Nothing works he's just like we can be friends i dont trust you.
My boyfriend broke up w me because he thinks im cheating and im not?
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