Is kissing on the neck cheating? should I forgive after being lied to? ahh, I need advice!!

my boyfriend went to Vegas for his birthday with his friends. I was cool with it and was pretty excited for him. on the night of his birthday he was dancing with a woman and she started kissing his neck, so he kissed hers back. kissing someones neck is a very sensual thing, especially with him. I feel like if he had told me right away, I would be able to forgive him pretty easily, but he didn't. for the remainder of his trip he lied and told me that he had an amazing birthday and didn't do anything bad and I believed him.

2 weeks after he got back from Vegas we were talking about his trip and I got a feeling that he was hiding something. after a few hours of me convincing him to be honest & throwing a fit, he finally told me. he said sorry a lot but also kept throwing out excuses saying that it was because he was in Vegas & it was his birthday& was having a good time&was drunk and horny& that that's what he felt like doing at the time, & that he's a man,& that his friends did worse things, etc.

I'm shocked that he did what he did. I know this sounds SO pathetic&dumb, but we've always thought we're soul mates, lol. I know that sometimes sh*t happens, but I think I'm more upset that he lied so many times about it. when he got back from Vegas, he swore a million times about how he was so trustworthy and so good in Vegas and how he's never cheated on me and would never disrespect or hurt me like that.

i just don't know what to do. he's cheated on every single girlfriend he's ever had but swore he's matured and learned from his mistakes since then. he always told me that he never feels the need or desire to cheat on me since he's so in love and feels we're made for each other. not going to lie, we've been having a bit of a rough patch for the past couple of months because he's been busy with lsats &his family,&hasn't been able to give me enough attention but we thought we'd get through it.

since he's been a cheater with his other relationships in the past, I'm worried that the same thing is going to happen with him. I really appreciate him being honest and telling me and I know it was a really really difficult thing for him to do but I just don't know how to react. when he first told me what happeend, I got sooo upset-he tried to comfort me but after I pushed him away, he started getting defensive and said we should break up and that although he loves me, his heart isn't

"in love" with me anymore. he said that he wants us to go on a break so he can sort out his life and that we'll end up getting back together. I'm just really confused because after he said that, he started saying how he didn't want anything to change. he doesn't want me to kiss or become involved with another man, he still wants to be my best friend, go out on dates with me, be romantic with me, all that stuff.

i know everything I wrote probably confused you all but it's just such a complicated situation. I would really appreciate any advice that you guys can give!

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yeah, I kept asking myself why he would he would cheat-things are really great in the bedroom. I've been on his back though A LOT for the past couple of months about spending time with me, & that's added a lot of stress & tension to the relationship
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yesterday he called a lot to check up on me. I didn't answer. I called him back at night&he was hysterically crying&saying he feels bad about hurting me. it shocked me because he's ALWAYS happy. for all the years I've known him, I've never seen him cry.
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and thank you all so much for the advice! I really appreciate it! I didn't even think anyone would respond, lol.
Is kissing on the neck cheating? should I forgive after being lied to? ahh, I need advice!!
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