Why did she bring up my ex girlfriend?

I haven't talked to my ex girlfriend for 3 years now.

I'm seeing this girl right now and she's great. I broke up with her because I was afraid the long distance was going to be an issue (we go to the same college but our hometowns are far away). I realized how stupid a reason that was after I did it because we still talked all the time during break. So now we're back together.

She asked me if I'd give it another shot with my ex girlfriend if she wanted one. And I told her yes. At the time, my girl didn't care, but then randomly called me up saying we needed to talk. I guess it really bothered her what I said. My ex was my first love. I'll never forget that. But it really bothers me that my girl asked me that almost 3 weeks later.

She sounded really upset on the phone, but now she's perfectly fine. I don't get why she'd bring it up though. Now I'm wondering if the distance is getting to her. Maybe I was right to break up the first time around?
Why did she bring up my ex girlfriend?
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