She rejected me and tries to get me jealous?

We were good friends and she asked why I don't date her. So we started to date and then she stop talking to me and said we are only friends.

I I moved on and said I can't be friends. Months later we bump into each other and she sees me with another woman. She came and talked. And then I bump into her another day with a guy.

she kept looking at me while she was hugging him. She didn't let him kiss her on the lips but she kept looking at me. I felt really jealous and talked to her and the guy in a nice way. It was so obvious she wanted to get a reaction from me but I stayed positive although it was killing me inside.


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  • I think she does like you a little bit but my guess is for some reason she thinks she is 'better' than you.

    So she kind of is looking for something better but at the same time she can't let go of the feelings she has for you.

    She got jealous seeing you with that woman and now she wants your attention like before, but honestly she's just playing games. This is not maturity.

    If you give in to her, she will think that whenever she wants your attention she can play these types of games and you will come running to her.

    Now, there may be a chance she actually is starting to like you genuinely and doesn't know what to do about it. IF this is the case, let her come to you and be honest about it, that's the only way you'll know whether it's scenario number 1 or scenario number 2.


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  • Sounds like you still have feelings for her maybe you guys should talk.

  • Sounds like you both need to grow up.


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  • Why do you need to kiss her on the lips if you aren't dating her? This whole thing sounds like stupid playground stuff to me.

    • She didn't kiss him not me. I agree it was immature what she did.

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