Why do men reject me?

OK I've been asking this question for eons...why can't I get a boyfriend..why on earth do men reject me? I look like a gorgeous model...I'm petite, thin nice sweet...caring compassionate monogamous loyal...I'm hot sexy funny cool smart... all in all I'd say I'm the perfect woman...well not perfect but just a really good person, I don't do drugs smoke, don't really drink except sometimes...instead of men rushing to date me, they just reject me make fun of me, run away, insult me etc...people can't be around me without abusing or insulting me in some form or putting me down...u think well maybe women are jealous of pretty girls but in my case---even men are jealous of me and won't date me or be with me-- if anything men just want to dominate/abuse control and destroy me and not much else...they reject me sexually too and won't please me and are mean to me and weird...and try to get me to do things to them but won't do anything to me. Men treat me like a monster or weirdo yet I'm a nice sweet beautiful girl... this is all I experience and I'm used to it---but 30 sometimes years of utter loneliness and only abuse is getting to me...whereas I seem like the perfect girlfriend I can't get a boyfriend...and next thing I know men are dating some drug addict who steals from them and some psycho who rips their entire house apart...and they're perfectly happy with these crazy evil nutcase women and just reject me or seem to have an agenda or won't talk to me or who knows what. I've been going to dinner with a guy every weekend now-- after dinner-- he never tries to do anything else, hang out...go somewhere though he claims he wants a 'girlfriend'...after dinner he just says "OK BYE" and walks off abruptly---so weird...he even admitted I'm so pretty and articulate and smart and he's surprised I've never had a boyfriend and keeps saying.. "i don't get it" yet he really hasn't shown any interest in anything other than dinner and just runs off...i find it so odd.. I feel I have to aggressively pursue a guy to get with him and even then he'd still reject me...and then run to some psycho weird girl who steals from him...i guess I'll never meet a guy but I still find it so odd that guys instead of running to and wanting to be with a super hot girl just run away from her and reject her...
Why do men reject me?
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