My best friend has a girlfriend, but flirts with me.

we're quite close friends. we always flirted before. I like him. but he jut got a gf

his ex actually.

but still flirts with me

its me liking him and caring for him, vs the respect for his gf.



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  • ehh I think it could go either way.. that is, he probably likes you but now his way of releasing the bit of tension he might have.. or he's just friendly flirting..

    when ur with him and his gf, you should always show respect.. but if you don't really like something about her that she's doing to him, or just don't like her.. tell him, but try to be objective about it.. you should try to find a balance of respect but also being more upfront and honest to him..


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  • does he kno that you like him and how long ago did he get with his ex. he is either flirting with you for fun or because he is secretly interested and likes you.

  • Flirting can be real or it can be friedly flirting to flatter, practice or just for fun. If all you are doing is flirting for fun not for real than its ok...


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