I feel like my husband hates me after only 5 months of marriage?

I am very worried about the changes I see in my husband after only 5 months of marriage.
Before, he used to say marriage was a logical, beautiful thing that united people in a deeply spiritual way. Today he says that it changes nothing, we are still separate humans with separate plans and at any time, something might happen and we might divorce.
Before, he used to speak about me all the time to his friends, about how we were such a cool couple, so proud of having me next to him... today his marriage ring is gone and last time he invited me to go out with some of his new friends, they didn't even know we lived together.
But get this - my husband is literally disturbed when I say I love him. He says this shows I'm needy and that every time I say it, "it makes him think hard if he even wants to spend his future with me". My notion of what love is, according to him, is still "high school"-ish.
Before, he would be so happy about making money for us, cleaning the home for us or taking me out. Right now, if I even thank him for cleaning the house, he will say "I did it for myself". He frequently criticizes me for being insecure and once said I look like I am going to "die" all the time. He is also lately struggling to get along with my mother, which is a pain because we are temporarily living in her house. At the beginning mom didn't hesitate to offer us the house, but today she threatened to throw him out because he raised his voice to us both. Because of this, I have been so depressed I considered quitting my job, changing home or even offering to stay at a mental hospital.
The point is, I wish he wasn't angry/bored/irritable all the time next to me. The plans we had before, such as living in another country, have become things I would rather not talk about because his answer will be "don't count on me for anything, plan your life as if things could fail". Please help... the last thing I want is to separate or divorce after 5 months of marriage and at 23 years old!!!
I feel like my husband hates me after only 5 months of marriage?
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