Ex-boyfriend's birthday is coming up what should I do

my ex's birthday is coming up, he broke up with me (after 7months) on Wednesday... what should I do, should i write on his Facebook wall, or say happy birthday on a chat, or call him or do nothing?


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  • Don't send him a happy birthday message via Facebook. I say this because your just gonna be another person on the list and you are not another person to him. Email him a happy birthday. It's more personal than a Facebook post, but still not instant (can be very one way also, seeing as how he can just say "thanks for the bday wishes" on his status and not thanking you personally). Shows you care but not enough to talk to him and if he calls or sends you an email right back, it shows that he cared enough to take the time himself to send something back to you, which is much more personal and will mean more to the both of you. Good luck.


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  • It's entirely up to you.

    But I guess it's nice to get congratulations for everyone :)


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  • Honey, you need to ignore his birthday this year.

    If you were to send him birthday wishes, chances are

    pretty good that you would be ignored. After a break-up, birthdays are just an excuse to keep the communication going, and he knows that.

    Keep the "no contact" going, and make him wonder what you're up to.

    Who knows? Maybe a year or two from now, you can be friends and say "happy birthday" to each other. Just not this year, k?


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