Why did ex text me at 2am saying "sorry"?

Broke up about 2 months ago, I'm the one who screwed up and cheated. He kinda sucked and was super mean verbally when we fought, but I ultimately made the relationship ruining.

I've been texting him here and there as of lately, basically telling him the truth about my cheating, how much I love him and how sorry I am. He's been hot and cold, but for the most part very mature every time he responds.

Saw him for the first time a few days ago at a bar, oddly enough after I had texted him saying I needed to talk to him. He never responded, but in the middle of the night he called me several times. I was asleep. Talked Thanksgiving night via texts and all day the next day. I know he still cares, but I hurt him bad and I could never imagine doing that to him again.

Out of no where last night, about 2am he text me saying " sorry"... then a few hours later saying "cool".. Kind of pissed I was asleep. When I text him in the morning, he told me he was sorry for being stupid and immature. I told him he has been very mature lately and in no way stupid... Yet it still gets in my head that he texted me saying that.. Why out of no where? I am tempted to ask him why, but needed opinions first. He has a way of getting inside my head, in a good way, and I need to know how to prepare for his response.

Why did ex text me at 2am saying "sorry"?
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