Why do men cheat on good women that have been there for them through thick and thin?

I been with this man for three years and I loved him to death. I found out he been cheating on me for about six months straight. Me not knowing he was cheating on me into I found an open condom in his car. I ask him about it he lied and said it was his best friend. That's a lie. But why do good men cheat on good women is a question I ask myself every day.


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  • And equally- why do good women cheat on men?

    There's many reasons and theories that we can develop, but let's get to the root of the problem:

    - You probably care about him a lot more than you realise

    - You found a condom which made you think he's cheating on you

    - You feel like he lied to you when you called him out on it

    Where does that leave everyone? Unsatisfied.

    - What if he really was telling the truth, and your calling it a lie? I'm not saying you don't know your facts, I'm saying to pay attention to ALL possibilities.. Maintain an open mind.

    - Where are your feelings going for him? Are you gonna maintain a relationship knowing that your spouse is cheating on you? Probably not, but your heart wants to. Make sure to pay attention to your own needs/wants too! No one wants to be cheated on

    etc etc etc

    So the whole time we are ALL sobbing about these events; it's something to learn from. Did you cry when you took your first walk? No... Were you angry when you got your license? No... etc... My point being that it makes no sense to find an answer that isn't needed: You know he's a cheater and you know it's time to move on.

    If you don't know he's a cheater, it's time to find out why you feel like he is one.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • For the same reason women cheat on good men who have been there for them through thick and thin. Because they care about feeling good, over what their partners feel..


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  • Because some of them want the thrill of not getting caught. Others *like my boyfriend* don't realize why they did it and they were p*ssed at the girl at the time he did it. Some also want more out of the relationship that they aren't getting.

    Honestly, if he has lied to you multiple times about cheating, you need to break up with him. I'm only still with my boyfriend because we are choosing the hard path and trying to work things out. If you do stay with him, you're going to have such a hard time forgiving him and trusting anyone in general.


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