My ex wanted me to stay on FaceTime?

Our friendship is a little sketchy I want her back but she's done with relationships we are starting to hangout now but she knows I want her back but anyways she asked me to stay on FaceTime while she slept I could hang up or stay up FaceTime she didn't care. How do I get my ex girlfriend back I love this girl a lot


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  • Well if she is asking you to Facetime that means that she may still have feelings for you. But I would just respect the fact that she doesn't want a relationship. I know for me personally I dont like when I tell a guy I dont want a relationship and they keep pressing ne out to be with them. Thats annoying. That will have the opposite effect

    • We been texting/phone calls/ and. Now FaceTiming all the time. She told me she wants to work on herself finish school, study abroad. She said she wanted to work on herself after her first relationship but then I came and she changed her mind and dated me for 9 months. She told me she ended it cuz of religion and we had sex and that she didn't have to worry about the other persons feelings and saying the wrong thing and she wants to have fun and stuff like hangout with not only just girls but guys as well

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