Why do guys always come back after THEY dump you?

My ex who broke up with me... decides to pay me a call because he's sad and wanted to talk to me?

he's the one whose feelings had changed


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  • in my opinion, time takes care of a lot of things, when you leave someone, it's because you're angry or hurt. But after time those feelings fade, and the positive emotions that seem to last forever, take hold, and poof, they're back.


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  • Excellent question! It does always seem to be the case doesn't it? I think in some situations they miss you and in some they had something else that didn't work out.

    • It's crazy isn't it... every guy I've been with without fail

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    • I had one not to long ago break up with me (via text!) With no warning. Three months later he apologized said he couldn't explain his actions and was very sorry. I told him I was sorry I met him and to F off! Seriously? What did he think I was going to say? Moron!

    • Crazy

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  • Because they never miss it until they lose it , meaning how nice it was until you were not around

  • Many people are selfish, stupid and desperate...


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