I think my ex boyfriend maybe killed himself after we broke up? HELP

I'm very sad because we had a long distance relationship, but I realized that I didn't love him anymore, and I broke up with him, and he told me that "what is about to come is really sad"! And he tried to force me to give up on the idea, saying "he didn't want to die, but he doesn't have any option", and others horrible things...

He still said that would be my fault and I would be blamed, then I told him I wasn't responsible about anything, and it was my right to brake up... and he needed to respect me!

I gave him some advices, saying that he should talk to someone, and look for help (psychiatrist), pray and everything...

Well, we broke up, and now I am receiving emails from his friends saying that he didn't show up at work, and he didn't arrive home for last 3 nights (so, since when we broke up), and he left there all his documents, and wallet...so they are very worried...


THE DOUBT IS : Do you think his friends are saying the truth? I wonder that because his brother didn't send me a message, and he knows how to contact me...

Just found out that the bastard is alive, and he and his family & friends, were playing games, "pretended he died" to drive me crazy! such a a**holl...
And thanks everyone for answering, I needed help that day that you guys helped me =)


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  • You did the right thing, some guys just never pick it up and end up like this, men have the highest rate of suicide and all I can say is if he just kills himself you are lucky, I would be worried about him knowing where you live and taking you as well, it's really sad to see a guy go down this road but it happens because society teaches men the wrong things and it's NOT your fault at all, at least you can't blame yourself for wanting to break up with him, if anything maybe doing it earlier on would have been better.

    If this is some elaborate prank to make you feel worried and somehow get him back and his family is in on it, then its pretty messed up, either way you need to be as far away from them as you can


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  • Ok let me start off by saying you must have an unbelievably good Vajay jay to make him wanna kill himself after breaking up with him, so congrads on that, sounds like this douches bag is bluffing and just f***ing with your head, I'm sure his brother would have contacted you like you said, and if you’re really worried why not call his brother or someone else in his family that you trust, like his mom or something. Who long were you guys going out any wayz?

  • Whatever the truth, YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS. He was trying to emotionally blackmail you. Just ignore all information coming from his side. Be relieved that you did not get into a deeper relationship with him.

    He is toxic.

  • Is there a police report of him missing?

    He's just having his friends screw with your head.

    Have one of your friends call him at work. See what they say at work.


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