My ex boyfriend won't leave me alone. What do I do?

hes bipolar and schizophrenic. he's a nice guy and has never been mad around me or anything but he's really needy and can't understand I do want to go out with him anymore I keep breaking up with him but he won't realize we aren't dating anymore...

and he's 19 and I'm 16 btw. and my state its legal for anyone 16 to ate anyone up to 21 but they can have sex unless they are both over 18 and we didn't. but he did try to a lot and then he told everyone that I was prego with his baby and we were getting married. like wtf.

Please tell me what to do


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  • Hello,

    ok my advice is to speak to your family about this right now.. as in as soon as you read this comment..

    I would also sugest given this guys attitude and mental issues they you contact the police.. you need to focus on your protection..



    • Lol my mom already knows. and he's not a violent guy. just too inlove with me.

    • Ok well in that case.. tell him its over and you want him to leave you alone.. at that point walk away becous ehe knows what the situation is.. if he doesn't respect your wish then you need to take action..

    • Yea. I'm to nice of a person I can't just tell him to f*** off. he already knows I just wana b friends. and his sister would kick my ass if I hurt him. seriously. her and one of my ex best friends I'm trying to get a restriening order on

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  • Since you have such a hard time with both him and his sister, and your Mom, even though she knows the problem, has not been too helpful, I think you need to talk to a health care provider, like your family doctor, or nurse, and ask for advice. If needed, do contact authorities.


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