How do you raise interest level back back up?

I have been dating this girl for 2 1/2 months, she was all about me for he first two months, but after she her summer course she seemed less involved, I didn't let it bother me at first till I found myself texting her more then she would me. I gave in asked her if every thing was cool, she said yes. well never the less two weeks later she canceled a date we had planned, I thought she was done with me so I didn't talk to her for two days until she finally texted me asking me is everything was OK, and I just told her yes in order to not seem needy, Well I'm at the point were I'm not sure how she feels, we have a date to a concert planned for next week, Just would like things to be back to how they use to be and she was about me and I was about her.

I gave her that space she came right back!


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  • You screwed up at some point. Somewhere she lost respect for you. She may have found someone else that she is more attracted to than you.

    I know what's its like to be in your situation. The illogical part of your brain is telling you to keep contacting her. When I was your age I was moron when it came to this and kept calling girls.

    You are on the ball to notice her behavior in her and making steps to "not to seem needy". Pretty sharp for a young guy (how old are you?)

    Go to the concert and have a real good time. Do NOT contact her unless you have to before then. Afterwards wait for her to contact you. Withdraw from her some more if she keeps this attitude.

    Remember women are attracted to challenge. That's why they like jerks. This can go both ways with both sexes but I truly believe women ARE FAR STUPIDER when it comes to this. But you can't blame mother have to play the game.


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  • Well, just talk to her about it. Tell her what you're feeling in a calm, loving, and nonconfrontational way. You'll find out everything you need to know.

  • i would back off and let her be for a while may be 1-2 weeks and let them contact me...if they don't id give it one last shot and drop a text saying hi whatsup hows it going how are your summer classes going? and such give her some space and let her miss you =]

  • Wasn't it interesting that when you thought it was over and you did not contact her, she contacted you and wondered if everything was okay. Also, what do you mean by her summer course? Did she just start a course?


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  • keep contact, but be minimal about it...dont over-do it...girls want to be independant, but they also want you to be around when they need have to understand that she is taking a summer class in which time is limited and its very busy and fast paced. Give her some time to recollect her thoughts and get her work not so sure why she waited 2 weeks to contact you after you just stopped...

    another thing, try not to over-analyze the situation - this will lead to bigger problems, just understand she's got a lot of stuff to do for this class and she's probably very busy and if she has a job even more so...although I don't always agree when people say oh I don't even have 5 min a day to myself...well sure you do, everyone has some point during the day they can call/text the person tehy care about,...(before bed, in the morning when they wake up) people just like to think they are so busy that no one can intervien...

    just be easy, take it was the turtle that won the race not the rabbit..she will come around again, try to do things spontanious instead of always planning...because when things don't go as "planned" people get disappointed or upset, one weekend randomly just ask if she wants to go to a theme park the next day (something short notice). I don't know just my opinion

    take it slow man, don't rush, don't assume, just go with the flow, try to stay occupied

    good luck!

    • I'm gonna agree with masta here. Just take it easy and don't over think it. I know that the natural reaction is to grab on tighter but that always just ends bad. Read a comment a long time ago that really is something I always think of when it comes to giving people some space even when it's hard to do. Of course this was about sex but it works here "We're not like dogs where we roll our eyes to the back of our head and finish in 2 minutes. We're men we have self control." good luck!

  • Hello,

    the answer to your question is simple.. you walk away from her.. don't contact her for about 2 weeks.. after this time CALL her and ask her out.. if her affection towards you isn't back to where it was then chances are she has lost to much interest and its time to start dating other woman..

    Good Luck


  • I don't suggest using texting as a primary form of communication.

    texting is for like asking what you want for dinner.

    or saying your comin home late.

    or saying call me when you got a free min if they are at work.

    or for telling a guy hey when you get home from work/class/school all I'm going to be wearing is a smile and whip cream

    or for just a random "I wuv u" when you find you have 30 seconds of freedom at work.

  • dont ignore her...text her, but don't do it all day, that's kind of annoying, give her some space...go out on dates. See her in person and talk about what you think the problem between you two is, and I gaurantee she will respond. if she says nothing, tell her how you feel and what youve been expecting..just don't ignore her..yes wait for her to text you sometimes but give her a call at night or something when you know she's not busy..or surprise her and go see her. hope this helps

  • so you gave her space, took my advice and didn't select my answer as the oh well no biggie...glad it worked NOW TAKE IT SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


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