Should I apply for the same job my ex works at or no?

So my current job drop me down to 14hours a week so am now looking for a 2nd job that will give me 10-16 hours working 3 days a week. I just so happened to remember the place my ex girlfriend works out is always hiring so i was thinking i should apply and leave it in gods hands. My ex works as a cash year so i thought maybe i should apply for a job working in the back so i dont cause any problems... i only plan on keeping the job for 2-3 months then ill be quiting to work as a cna. I will also will be applying for 4 other jobs besides where my ex girlfriend works. The reason i said it may cause problems is becuase she been asking n
My friends if i have been pretending to be her online. Which I don't know why we haven't talked in 3 years as of tm.


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  • i love how you spelled cashier 😂😂

  • If you really want the job then don't let that stop uou


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