Wish I'd never left her?

I wish I'd never left her.

We were together two years, it was my first real relationship, I was 19 going on 20 she was just 17. At first i was dumb, I lied about a girl I'd slept with before I met her, simply because it was early days and I didn't want to ruin things, she later found out and from then on she never trusted me. After that she'd always hold it over my head, but we'd always get past the fights because we got so deep in love. It got to the point where I was scared to tell her little unimportant things and tell white lies, but if she found out even the smallest thing I'd be accused of the worst case scenario, examples would be I'd say I was gong sleep just to play some games in peace (she was kinda needy). Or I had a day off work to stay in bed bad chill out, but when age found out she assumed I must be cheating? Like ok sure (I wasn't). This was in the first 6 months and I did learn to adopt the honesty is always the best policy. So from then on out I can swear I was honest, but the damage was done. Another year goes by where every 3-4 months if we had a bust up she's throw that first lie I told about the girl from before I met her in my face and say "and I wonder what else I don't know". Did everything I coukd to be the model boyfriend you know, dates treats, holidays, and always honesty. But I never got better in her eyes I always had that taint. In the end after two years just after we had the best anniversary, it happened again, she blew up, threw ever acknowledged in my face a day by this point I'd been a model boyfriend for best part of the two years and I'd had enough. I broke it off, but in two years after two more relationships I just wish I'd stuck it out, eventually after marriage maybe she'd finally trust me, but well maybe not. But I just know I've never felt anywhere close to what I felt for her. I still think I love her, but she's moved on.

Was I right to end or maybe she'd have trusted me in the end?
Wish I'd never left her?
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