Her husband wants divorce because she cheated on him?

I have a 31 year old friend who is married to her 33 year husband. I was with her at a party 1 month ago and there she drunk too much and ended kissing a guy for about 2 minutes and then i dragged her away from him before she does more (i saw only the last moments and didn't hesitated to stop her, how long it lasted and what exatly they did was said by her personally to me).

She never confessed to him because she didn't want to make everything bad because of a meaningless kiss (she didn't knew this other guy and never saw him again). But unfortunately a guy who has a bad relationship to her husband filmed the kissing and send him it after this incident (he did it to make him suffer but he never showed it others because he didn't wanted to let his wife look bad cause they used to be friends long ago, maybe more but i never heard about anything like that)

I know her husband personally and we are great friends. I know that he is a very emotionall and nice guy who treats other people very good. Thats why it hurt him especially bad that his wife of 5 years cheated on him. I know that he cried a lot and distanced himself from his wife. He now wants to have a divorce and never wants to see his wife ever again. He already prepared everything for divorce but he still hesitates.

His wife cries always and regrets everything and wants to make up for it somehow. She knows that being drunk is no excuse and she even said that if i haven't stop she probably would fucked this guy. She us now depressive and is completly broken inside.

We know her husband and we know that he hates cheaters because he was already cheated on by his ex and forgave her just to be cheated on again. He is sad and loves her over everything and thats why he hasn't filled the divorce but he is afraid that she would do it again. He lives after the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater".

I wrote this question because my friend need help to save her marriage. She needs advice.
What can they do?
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At his currect state of mind he will never go to counselling.
Her husband wants divorce because she cheated on him?
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