Ex forgetting my birthday (who you are on friendly terms with) - how should I react?

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. However I recently got dumped about 6 weeks ago. We dated on/off for 9 months so I would figure she would remember that I had birthday in July. I have had very limited contact with this girl except to wish her happy b day in late June (no gifts...just a funny a email joke).

I still have feelings for her but I know I need to go elsewhere. I will admit I was really hoping to just get a friendly text saying "happy b day" yesterday to know she still thinks about me. Well nada.

I know most of you are going tell me "who cares", "shes just a bitch", "let it go" and you are all 100% right. However what happens if she finds out later that she missed my birthday and says "oh (so so), I'm so sorry I missed your b day"...and of course we all know she isn't sorry at all. How should I respond?

I'm thinking about responding with ":)" and nothing else. No conversation, nothing. I'm tempted to say "you know so and so considering the person you are...I'm not surprised you forgot" and then not talking to her at all no matter what she says. I don't want to act like some immature kid or a woman (sorry girls)...I know you ladies would be MUCH MORE UPSET if I guy missed a b day. It's not masculine for man to worry about b days.

Yeah I know I shouldn't be caring about this. I haven't told a soul about how disappointed I am. It is still really bothering me though.

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sorry bout the typo...always make these darn it. Ex forgetting my birthday (who I am on friendly terms with) how should I react?
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I'm getting some tough love below. I want to call you all a bunch of a**holes, but you are right.
Ex forgetting my birthday (who you are on friendly terms with) - how should I react?
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