My boyfriend slept with me and then dumped me?

I met this guy and instantly he was so interested in me, we got along really well and very soon he asked me to be with him because he felt so strongly for him. I was taken aback but I agreed. He quickly told all of his family about me, introduced me to his friends proudly holding my hand, told everybody about how amazing I was, his family added me on social media and asked about me a lot. I told my family and friends about him. We got close quick, took me on nice dates, I supported him a lot, he wanted to go on holiday with me.

He lives an hour away from me because he's saving up to move back here. He booked an expensive hotel for us and took me out for food, he got angry at any guy checking me out and even argued with one of them, he seemed insecure, and we slept together after just over a month together. It was perfect, he had told me multiple times over weeks I'm one of the only things keeping him happy in his depression right now, he said it was the best sex ever and looked dazed and happy, hours later slipped and told me he loved me and we fell asleep together.

i didn't hear from him for two days so I contacted him confused, suddenly he's not ready for a relationship and he can't afford to keep spending money on dates (never asked him to) and it's not to do with sleeping with home he genuinely saw us as long term he's just 'not ready'. I don't understand and I'm completely broken, he told me I deserve better. Why would he do this?
My boyfriend slept with me and then dumped me?
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