Boyfriend broke up with me to sleep around?

Help :( my boyfriend whom I give a lot of freedom to, eg he hangs out with friends, goes camping, spends the night at his mates' to play video games etc, I don't get angry or upset, I accept him for that and when we do meet we have the best time. He broke up with me because he was angry that I was holding him back from sleeping around cos he feels like that is the type of person he wants to be and I can't change that. He's already seen prostitutes twice in our relationship and I forgave him cos all men have urges (once during his holidays another one during our fight) so it was understandable. However it upsets me cos I've done everything right it's just he feels he needs to sleep around.
So can someone explain this whole thing?
doesn't make sense!
Boyfriend broke up with me to sleep around?
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