My boyfriend's ex girlfriend can't get over him?

I've been with my boyfriend for just over a year. We have a wonderful relationship, and everything is perfect, except when it comes to his ex girlfriend. They were only together for five months, and he broke up with her about two years ago, but she can't get over him. She lives in another city, and the two of them talk casually over e-mail. He's even said he wants to hang out with her, just as friends, which I can understand. I love my boyfriend and trust him completely, but he doesn't realize that his ex still isn't over him. She's told me she still wants to be with him and that she'll always love him. He, on the other hand, refuses to believe this. He says she's gotten over him by now and that I'm just crazy. We always end up getting in an argument over it. I know I can't make him believe me, but what should I do in this situation? For one, I feel sorry for the girl. Secondly, I don't want her affecting this relationship anymore. Advice?


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  • you need to put the relationship on the line and tell him it's either you or her...he's cheating right now whether he realizes it or not, just by past history, not to be confused with current status, irregardless of friendship...this is pandoras box being opened again and you will get hurt if you don't close it now...him emailing and seeing her gives her the upper hand to steal him away from you, by the way

    the seed is the thought that plants the words that drive the actions that produce other thoughts for greater words and deeds, i.e. cheating


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  • It always sucks when Ex's are involved but you should tell him how it feels for you, every time he talks to her. I don't think it is possible to be friends with an ex when your are in a relationship because almost always someone still has feelings and will cause problems with the future relationships. I think you should just sit him down tell him how it feels and try to make him step into your shoes, ask him how he would feel if you were talking to your ex and wanted to meet up to "catch up". let him know if seeing her is worth causing problems between the you and him. Good luck!

  • If he's chating with her he might not be over her and she might try and get him back. Real danger of him hooking up with her. If he doesn't break contact she can't get over him and move on its not healthy for him or her...


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