Why is my ex ignoring me when I want my stuff back and give his stuff back? He dumped me?

Hi, the thing is my ex for 6 years broke up with me, on and off relationship, it's our 3rd break up. We have a child together so ignoring eachother is stupid to do because of the child. But he mostly ignore me. He broke up with me because he thought I had cheated, and it was a lot of arguments. We have been broken up for 3 months I got a new apartment, and he lives with his parents ( We used to live there together). I was always trying to get my stuff back, but he never had the time or just went in an arguments when I asked. I did the begging and crying. He deleted me on Facebook, when I asked for minimal contact, but I tried to beg for him after that. But for about a month ago I just gave up and told him that I was gonna move on. One day about 3 weeks ago when he was dropping of our daughter I asked him to bring some of my stuff back and our daughters, he didn't do that, when he was leaving and I was about to close the door he suddenly came back and said he want's his stuff back ( I had some boxes with our stuff thad I was gonna go through) I told him I hadn't done it yet, then he just walked out. We have been in almost no contact for a month, We only talk if its about a pick up day for him to pick our daughter up, but usually he picks her up from pre school and drops her there also, so We haven't met for about 3 weeks. 10 days ago I text him that his boxes are ready, he only replied saying Okay. 4 days ago I told him I wanted my stuff back, and wanted to return his, I got no reply. 2 days ago I text again and told him that I was not interasting in some communication, but I needed my things and wants to get rid of his and this was something he could not ignore, and We also have a lot of things in storage and I wanted to go through and want to do it soon as possable. And again no reply. The first day We broke up he was not angry, but with time he gets more angry. Does anybody have some idea why he acted like this?
Why is my ex ignoring me when I want my stuff back and give his stuff back? He dumped me?
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