My boyfriend says I’m immature. I think he’s very disrespectful and emotionally abusive?

So i broke up with my ex. His initial reaction was to scream and blow up my phone and do anything to get me back, his second reaction was to try to say that I’m looking at the situation all wrong. His third reaction was to say he’s no longer interested. When i started contemplating my decision, i told him we just needed space to say how we feel without emotions involved. But on the last day of our communication he texted me telling me that he was no longer interested in getting back together. I was sad and forgot the reason why i broke up wth him in the first place. I panicked and did everything trying to get him back to no avail. He called me yesterday. He told me that him having an attitude Problem and treating me the way he did was all due to me. He told me I’m immature emotionally and that i over analyze everything. He’s 24 and I’m 21. he told me that all i bring to him is negative energy and that he realized that after spending a few days single. He said that there’s girls out here more mature and better than me and he has finally opened his eyes. He told me i complain too much about things like me studying for the MCAT, complaining that he’s drinkig and driving, or talking about social issues. He thinks it’s all me being negative! He said those are not even real problems. He told me maybe in the future we can get back together but right now he’s holding a grudge because i broke up with him and didn’t take him back even when he begged. I tried to tell him my side of all of this and he yawned and cut me off immediately telling me he had to go. If he really felt strongly about all those things, wouldn’t he have broken up with me rather than the other way around? I think he’s playing the blame game here and he’s in denial that he’s really not as mature as he thinks. He would tell me things like “get on my level” or “you’re always over analyzing things” or “this is your first real relationship so You don’t know shit. He blows up on me during every argument..
My boyfriend says I’m immature. I think he’s very disrespectful and emotionally abusive?
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