My Boyfriend treats me like I’m a child?

I’ve been dating this guy for a while now, and we’ve always had a few problems, but since we moved in together, I can’t stand it. I cook, I clean, I take care of the puppy that he got. It wouldn’t bother me so much, since I currently am out of work, but lately it’s been feeling like he encouraged me to quit my job so he had something to hold over me. He gets angry at me for stupid little things, like vacuuming while he’s trying to watch Television, bringing up that he pays the bills so I don’t have a voice. It’s like when parents say “my house, my rules.” He sets curfews for me. I play Pathfinder with my friends on Friday nights. It’s the only thing I do with my friends all week and he demands I be home by one every night. I’m okay with being home at one but when he set the curfew he said “You will be home at one on fridays or we'll have a problem.” I’m a very independent person, but I’m also very open to listening, and I can compromise. But it’s like I don’t get a chance because he’s so set on “this is what you’re going to do”. He gets upset if I don’t feel like cooking one night out of the week because “you just wanna go spend money,” um no I just get tired of cooking the same five meals every week because he won’t eat anything besides meat and pasta. The little things I used to do just to be sweet are now expected of me like if I don’t mix his pre workout for him while he sleeps in, I’m the one who fucked up.
He invalidates my opinions and feelings. He’ll ask me in a nice way how I feel about something, I tell him honestly how I feel and suddenly he gets angry and claims I’m just “making things up. Creating a problem where there isn’t one.” Okay so why did he even bother asking me if he didn’t want my honest answer?
i don’t mind compromising for my guy, but I feel like I just end up doing what he wants.
Im working on finding a new job as quickly as I can so I can leave after our lease is up if I need to, but I’m wondering if I’m just overreacting.
My Boyfriend treats me like I’m a child?
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