Why does ex act hot and cold?

Why does my ex boyfriend act hot and cold. He recently started warming up to me. Chatting online, initiating contact more, returning my calls quite quickly. Saying nice things on the phone and then as soon as I ask him if he still likes me he backs off and gets angry. Does anyone have any ideas why. We are in regular contact through the internet and telephone.


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  • Ya,probably bcos his feelings 4u is real and not willn 2 let go..maybe you are d reason y you both broke up at first..

    • Sorry I don't know what mean by I am the reason, do you think it was maybe a flaw of mine? He said it was the distance?

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    • I had a chat with him, he got angry said he would prove he didn't have any feelings for me and deleted my number and deleted me off facebook. He said he was ringing when he was drunk for sex and dirty pics..... well at least he didn't the sex eh! What a twat!

    • If he did so..hes no real guy,a loser and doesn't v feelings..he's the one 4 u,just move on with your life and 4get bout him...

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  • Am going through the same thing with my ex. Maybe he just not ready for a relationship yet. Why did yours split up in the first place? and how long was yours together for? x

    • It was long distance, we together for seven and been split up for 5. The last time he said he wasn't over me was July. I hadn't seen him for two months and I've seen him the last two. He asked me if I still loved him, but when I said I don't know which I do, he said no.

  • He is trying to be your friend, not get back with you, so quit pushing the issue.


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