Why is my ex hot then cold? Why is my ex ignoring me?

Me & my ex were each others first everything its hard to believe because we are both 24. He broke up with me in aug. the beginning of our relationship was great & then things started falling apart... I noticed he didn't initiate or push for anything sexual or dates. He didn't seem excited about hanging out with me although he was down for it & would enjoy my company. I felt like one of his friends. We had sex for the first time & a few weeks later He told me he wasn't sexually attracted to me & he broke up with me. I was & still am heartbroken. He said we could still be friends. I love him So I thought I rather be friends then lose him. we don't talk as much as we use to but even after we broke up we would video chat & check-in to see how each other are doing. We would even tease each other like nothing happen. But my ex is strange one day we could have a great time & watch a movie together online & video chat, text. Then he would act cold & say he's busy or sleepy even after making plans with me. He only goes to work & straight home due to covid so I know he's not busy. I got upset a few days ago & called him out on it & he told me he's sorry I feel that way & still wants to talk to me. I told him that's some bs like why are you playing games. He began ignoring me So I tried calling & he said if I kept calling he would block me. He hasn't blocked me but he's completely ignoring me & I don't understand why it's so random he won't answer my calls or texts. What should I do?
Why is my ex hot then cold? Why is my ex ignoring me?
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