Girls, Why does she act this way , does she want me to ask her out or not?

I seen a girl i liked and started trying to initiate eye contact. She sometimes was nervous to look a woukd look away fast or look to the ground , she was shy but would always start to look at me and talking to her friends about me.

One time she made more effort with her appearance and kept fidgeting like didn't knw how to stand when she was at the printer and tried to sneak glances and got embarrassed. And looked away and back like sge didn't know whether to look.. 5 mins later she caught me talking to another girl. She seemed bothered by it as sge walked out.. I seen her out the window she looked embarrassed and upset. I didn't approach at this point but she started completely avoided looking.

I approached, 2 weeks later. she was nice , quiet and couldn't make eye contact. She laugh at my lame jokes. She would look at me out the corner of her eyes up and down So I walked off. later in the day she was talking to her friends about me again

2nd approach, in canteen i walked over and she was abit more confident. Made very quick eye contact. Abit more talkative but still visibly nervous. She was twirling her hair the whole time and kept giggling at little things I do. Later she seen me in class opposite and kept looking. She secretely spoke to her friends again.

I sat down and faced her. I talk to her friends I wanted to compliment her so I said she lookd nice but slurred my words which her friends noticed. she couldn't face me I complimented twice again. . then left 10 minutes later. When I left she switched from being quiet and not making eye contact to talking to her friends. and staring So I was confused and stared back. When waiting for the elevator. I am confused why she akways talks to her friendsabout me. But when I go upto her she can't make eye contact she gives signs she's self-conscious , nervous and shy I don't know if this what shy girls do? . but for example the last time...
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After each week of me normally approaching because I'm confused I avoided her. But i quickly spone ti me friend and returbed books. I nornalky approach at 12 but this was hour after she seen me. again she made visible effort with make her appearance make up. but I never approached this day.. and her friends kept staring and I was talking to a friend quickly. She looked up at me with sad face made eye contact then i looked back she looked down?
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I'm unsure if she's interested or not and is super shy , self conscious, nervous etc. I can't tell why she acts this way. I like her but should I assume she's not interested and walk away
Girls, Why does she act this way , does she want me to ask her out or not?
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