I've cheated on my boyfriend, what shall I do?

i know this is long but please read, I need serious advice :'(! This sounds absolutely crazy, but I always had a 'thing' for this guy for a very long time (about over a year) every time I saw him I got butterflies and all that. I never thought I'd get the chance with him, ever! then my time came and we started meeting each other, but he had a girlfriend at the time. one day when we met up, we kissed and he cheated on his girlfriend with me. So me and him then got together and I was so happy. I was so overjoyed that I actually got the opportunity to be with him, we had been together for 2 months at the time and we was so happy together and always told each other how we felt and how lucky we both was. But then his friends started telling me that he were gonna cheat on me etc, as he's cheated on his ex's. This gave me insecurities and made me worried that I was going to lose him. But then this other guy came to my house as very good friends, he comforted me because I was so upset with all the interference from my bf's friends. then me and this guy kissed and did something else, after this happened I was in tears and broke down in regret. This sounds mad but I really do love my boyfriend. but I don't know whether to tell him or not because I will lose him :'( and I've never felt this way about a guy before. I never thought id be the type to cheat. What shall I do? I really do love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him, I recently moved on from the fact that I cheated, didn't tell him and was willing to move on from this. but the guy that I cheated on him with wants me to end it with my boyfriend because I cheated. he keeps bringing it back up and making me feel guilty. I really do love my boyfriend!, he makes me that happy I think he's the one.


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  • Pretty bad situation.

    I'm not sure if you should confess to your boyfriend that you cheated, however, there's a chance that this guy will tell your boyfriend that you cheated if he wants you to break up so badly. No idea if your boyfriend will believe him or not, but if not, this still will give him insecurities about you anyway.

    If he will believe him, then break up is nearly unavoidable.

    There are no guarantees that your boyfriend will forgive you if you will confess, but confession is better than being told "hey, you know that I accidently banged your girlfriend?" so chance that he will forgive you is SLIGHTLY higher in this case.

    It's up to you now.

    PS: From a side it looks like that these two guys are teaming up in order to make you both break up so second guy can "win you over".


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  • ''I recently moved on from the fact that I cheated'' you seem on top of things clearly. Tell him if you really love him tell him. Your ''Good'' friend came to your house and you cheated. Yh Im sure now. Stop convincing your self that you love this poor guy.

  • You need to get out of this soap opera.

    You're so entangled with inappropriate relationships that there seems to be no way out except with a fresh start.

  • You better tell him before the guy you cheated with tells someone and your boyfriend hears about it anyway. If you really love this guy and want to have the kind of relationship with him that lasts a lifetime, it has to be built on honesty and trust. Now, you seriously violated that trust when you cheated, so there are going to be consequences. If you try to just hide something like that, it's going to keep coming back to bite you.

    Here's a little fact you might find interesting. Relationships that survive a cheating incident are more likely to result in long term partnerships than those that don't. Of course, that doesn't mean cheat on your significant other just to test it.


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  • My advice to you is..

    1. Tell the guy you cheated with that he used you while you vulnerable and it was a mistake and that breaking up or telling your boyfriend does not make it any less of a mistake and that you wouldn't go near him again if you were offered money.

    OR if you're still friends (which would be crazy as he's pressuring you)

    say the same thing to him but without the wouldn't go near him again thing.

    And your boyfriend.. just don't tell him.

    You don't know whether he's doing the same or not.

    if it all comes out the woodworks though, just admit and hope.

    Explain the story, with the truth though. Don't miss any.

    Guys like the truth.


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