I still regret losing my ex girlfriend - Help?

I honestly have been having a hard time with getting over my ex girlfriend. I realize that honestly I was no fun, I was just to serious in the relationship and I didn't show her that I loved her. I know this, I stopped the gifts that I would usually get her, I didn't get her a Valentine's day gift (despite her asking me not to since our relationship was suppose to be secrete). My parents kept on fighting with me about her since they never liked her, but it over loaded me trying to remain her boy friend and well I just became lost in how I felt and what I wanted. I miss this girl, there is no if ands or buts. But I don't know what to do, she has a boy friend (for 10 months now). I didn't feel this way right away, at first I felt happy that I didn't have to deal with certain things (that I could have controlled). We are both in our early 20's, 21 (me) 20 (her), her new boy friend is the same age as her. I have kept contact with her, its friendly, its not close, its friends and its distant at times and very close at other times. I just want to know if I can some how put this behind me, and to remain friends with her, I want to be able to be a close friend to her in the near future. To be able to be with each other as good friends. What can I do?


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  • I feel for you..I went through the same thing. The problem is that she has a boyfriend right now. It might be a rebound relationship depending how fast she jumped into it after breaking up with you. You kind of need a step by step game plan for your situation..check this out now ==> link