How do I get ex girlfriend back if I'm the rebound?

Before my relationship with my ex girlfriend she dated her previous boyfriend for two years. He cheated on her and treated her really bad. I think that might make her want him back even more but idk. She said that she is not in any position for a relationship at the moment.

She has hung out with her ex and she has even been over to his house but still I don't know what she wants. She says that she doesn't want a relationship but she talks to and hangs out with other guys and sometimes acts flirty. Do girls hang out with other guys just for the sake of hanging out and nothing more?

I heard that she would consider dating me again after sometime but in the meantime I don't know how to act. If I am the rebound from her previous relationship before me how do I get her back? Ignore her? Try to stay in the picture and remain in contact? I need advice because I am really confused


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  • You can't think about getting her back, you have to move on and move forward. STOP chasing and communicating with her. She wants all the attention from other guys at the moment, and she is trying to find someone that is better than you. Move on and date other girls. Girls hang out with guys because they want attention and they want to flirt and maybe sleep with guys with no regret, trust me. You have to realize that girls get attention no matter what. DO NOT try to be in the picture because it will drive you mad when you see her with guys knowing you can't have her, plus since she KNOWS that you want her she will just get her kicks out of you being around. Secretly she will be laughing her ass off. DO NOT try to be "friends" with her because it won't work, you have feelings and the "friendship" ends when you have feelings. No girl is worth your self respect.

    • Well I live down the hall from her in my dorm. She has been coming into my room and hanging out with me and my roommates like old times. She doesn't really say much to me. She also walked back from class with me and my friend today. I didn't say much until she asked a question where I was forced to answer. I don't know what to do or think and am really confused. Its like she is trying to make an attempt to talk and make things not awkward and I am rejecting it Am I right to reject her attempts?

    • STOP seeing her. The more you do, the more you will put yourself through mizery. Cut her off completely, that's the only way you are going to start to move on. You are in college, so there are many people out there to meet. Go to more parties, concentrate on your grades, go out and live life. She is trying to hang around, don't let her.

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  • After a hard break up, she needs guys to keep her comfort, attention and sometimes to feel secure. At the same time, she might be searching for the right one. I'm not sure how long you've been with this girl, but it seems she wants to enjoy life until she knows what she wants. If I were you, you should focus more on yourself. A possibility is that she might see a change and try to get to know you again.


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  • First thing is you need to give her some breathing room.. then because you're the rebound, it might be a little more complicated.. you need yourself a good plan. start here => link


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