Rejecting an ex girlfriend to get her back?

Okay, ladies I need your honest opinion. I have read tons of articles online explaining that if you want your ex girlfriend back basically don't be clingy or come out with your feelings, you have to do the opposite. So I broke up with my ex while I was in jail a few months back, she was lonely and I was in there a while and it got hard for her. Now she's back with her ex boyfriend whom she was with for 3 years. About a month ago she approached me saying she wants to be friends...I'm friends with her brother so she gets to see me at his house..time went on I went over there and her brother told me she still has feelings for me and asks him if I talk about the last few times I was there at his house she was there. She finds excuses to see me using her brother..she contacts me on Facebook a few times to hang out and always mentions "we can't have sex , I can't cheat"..we go out for coffee one time even invites me over to her her house with her brother when her boyfriend is in jail yeah, basically I got the message she wants me back...but I'm not the desperate type...I've learned from my mistakes in the past and I know that is a total turn off to females. She is wishy washy and doesn't know what she wants...her boyfriend is an insecure asshole and treats her like this may not have been the best thing for me to do but...I know she is keeping me for a friend for other reasons and I know she still loves me...I told her I still love her and care about her too..a while after I said this...I told her I don't plan on getting back together in the future (I didn't really mean it) :( ...she didn't expect that from me not at all..I explained it to her in a message on Facebook..She messaged me while I was on there like a day after and was really p*ssed and emotional...jumping to the conclusion that I met someone else, which I haven't...I told her I just needed to move on and I accepted the breakup a while back..she got all emotional "f*** everything that was ever right, I want all my memories to go away, I wish them away!" then the conversation ended in "it's fine live your life move on I'm done caring" well from the way she reacted she either cares or is p*ssed she lost me as a rebound (if that's what I am to her)... then after this she changed he display picture on Facebook to one of her and her boyfriend and leaves all these bogus status' like mentioning him always (which she didn't do before) and saying that she's moving away... WTF? is she trying to get a rise out of me or did she just say to hell with me? I got p*ssed/hurt and deleted her as a friend. I can't figure it out and it drives me crazy... I still have strong feelings of love for this girl and I did what I did because I don't want to be desperate and push her away..But maybe she doesn't really care anymore or maybe she's about to crack? What should I do if I made the wrong move by rejecting her?


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  • dude, telling by the way she reacted to you saying "i don't plan on getting back together in the future", she wanted you. BAD. trust me I've been there done that. if you really love her and still have feelings for her than I think you should apologize and just ask her back. tell her that you realized that you messed up and shouldnt of said those things when all I really wanted was you. or something like that. so, yeah I hope this helps.


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  • So when the girl comes back to you, maybe you're supposed to make her work for it a little bit, but you straight up told her I don't want to be with you. All she did was listen to that, and believe you. So, in that situation, you probably should have told her the truth or nothing at all and just kept hanging out with her.

    • Don't always believe all the crap you read on the Internet. She wanted you, and you told her that you don't plan on getting back together with her anytime in the future. This was wrong!. So and say sorry and tell her your real feelings, and ask her out. It is never too late for love.

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