How can I get my ex girlfriend back?

My ex and I split in January. Her reason she was not ready for a serious relationship. Prior to me, she was with her ex for 13 years, married for 5. He cheated on her the whole time and that did some deep damage to her. A year after we started dating. Things got serious quick with us, she said she loved me 4 weeks into dating. We talked about moving in together, etc. After the new year, she asked if we could slow down because they were moving to fast. I agreed at first, but my insecurities took over, I got clingy and needy saying I didn’t want slow it down. She then left me. After the breakup she said she still loved me, and cared about me and wanted to stay in contact. March rolls around, and we started hanging out again, we live 4 hours apart, I was working in her area in March. She had asked me to drop off her apartment key to her. That night I went to her place, we talked for a bit, and ended up hooking up that night. she told me how much she missed me, and how sorry she was. We continued to talk and see each other till the end of April. Going on date nights, hiking, taking pictures together, cuddling, holding hands on car rides, etc. She would tell me how attracted she was to me, and how good I made her feel. How much she misses me and thought about me all the time, etc. At the end of April, I asked her to be my girlfriend again. She freaked out, saying she didn’t want a commitment or anything serious and that what we were doing those two months was only friends with benefits to her. Through the month of May, I begged a little and tried to use logic about what we had, what we were doing meant more than just friends with benefits. Her sister told me she’s still really messed up from her divorce. I pushed to hard to get her back, now she has me blocked on everything. We haven’t talked in a month. I know she needs time and space, she has a lot of damage from her past. We were crazy about each other, got matching tattoos (her idea). What can I do to get her back?
How can I get my ex girlfriend back?
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