Girls, how can I get back with my ex?

My ex and I were to together for 3 months. She abruptly ended it saying she didn't have any feelings for me anymore and didn't know why because I'm such a nice guy. We spoke amicably and she'll come and collect her stuff soon. What we had she said in the first two months was a love she never shared with anyone else before. The last month hasn't been too shaky but there's a lot going on in her life, graduation, job search, projects due. She also has been taking Wellbutrin and switch birth controls recently. A common side effect of Wellbutrin is apathy and lack of interest in sex. And the time frame for when it's suppose to kick in seems to correlate. I'm not saying this is the cause but how else does one lose feelings for what they claim to be 'the one' after only a month? Has this happened to such an extreme for anyone else before? And more importantly how do I win her back? I'm not looking for answers like move on or anything. I want helpful advice to re-attract her. Im asking all you girls out there because who knows better about the female mind than other females. I'm convinced she is the love of my life.


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  • All the stress which she has got, might be to much for her. She don't know what to carry on maybe and feeling emotionally overload. Maybe Shen needs s bit time for her.
    Did you maybe do much go on her like wanting spending time with her?

    There's still hope she loves you, ask her for a meeting and talk to her what is wrong :)

    Let me know I would like to know what happened >.<

    • Thank you for the kind words. I will definitely be giving her the space she deserves. It seems like a lot of emotions she needs to process. I'm praying that she remembers why she fell in love with me so much in the beginning. :)

  • give up, she's not into you

    • You got a thumbs down because you didn't answer the question.

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