She left me, so why is she acting like the victim?

So my ex girlfriend broke up with me three weeks ago. We broke up because, according to her we fought too much, we moved too fast, and she wanted to see someone else. During the first week of our break up I kept talking to her to figure out what exactly was going on, if she left me more so because of this other guy or if it was the fighting and our relationship moving too quickly. At some point during that week she told me she was falling in love with me an didn't want to be tied down because she's only a sophomore in college (I'm a junior) and wants to pursue her life dreams and what not.

After the first week it was obvious that she wanted her space. So I didn't talk or see her for two weeks. During the two weeks she added a picture of her and her new guy on a facebook album that was just me and her. I let it slide because I figured she wanted a reaction from me knowing that I'd see the picture since it was in OUR album.

Two days ago I get back home to find a package on my bed and it was from her, the second part to my Christmas gift. I called her to tell her I didn't want it anymore because it's been a month since Christmas and three weeks since we broke up where she hasn't even tried to talk to me at all. She got super upset when I told her this and told me to keep it or throw it away and told me she was busy and had to go. A few minutes later she sends me a text telling me not to read too much into her actions and that she was just being friendly and that she's happy with this new guy, as if I implied we could get back together or whatever. The next day she calls me to talk about me either keeping the gifts or throwing it away again. This time she freaks out on me completely and told me all she wanted was to give me the gift and never talk to me again and proceeded at some point to delete me from facebook.

I guess what I want to know is if she's doing this because what she's saying is actually the truth or if she's trying to get me to fight for her or what? I know there isn't a 100% answer but I guess I just need opinions.
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I don' want to play games. I'd go after her if it was something legit, but I don't want to fall on my face.
She left me, so why is she acting like the victim?
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